About The Hungry Hacks

Allan Hall

Allan Hall was born hungry – first for news and then for food.

He trained as a journalist on weekly papers in Essex, graduating to the Street of Shame as was in the early 1980’s. Stints on the Daily Mail, the Daily Star in Manchester and The Sun at Wapping were followed by transplantation to New York in 1988.

He spent 11 years in America – for The Sun, the Daily Mirror, then as a freelance. Following that he moved to Berlin in Germany to cover the country and central Europe.

He has written several books, including the Penguin bestseller ‘Monster’ about the life and crimes of Austrian cellar fiend Josef Fritzl.

Now aged 60, he has completed several cookery courses, including one at the esteemed Ashburton Cookery School in Devon.

Cooking and eating are now his twin passions.

Roger Allen

Roger has been a photographer for the last 44 years. Starting in Guildford Surrey in a darkroom at a news agency which supplied the national papers with stories.

It was in the heady days of Fleet Street where he cut his teeth, running pictures around the newspaper offices to deliver them to gruff picture editors.

The smoke filled pubs and offices, the boozing journalists, rude rambunctious atmosphere all added to Roger’s need to be involved.

On leaving the agency he went on to Today newspaper, the first colour paper in the UK. From there it was the Daily Mirror where he stayed for 25 years.

In that time he travelled the world photographing some of the 20th century’s major stories including the Romanian revolution, the Lockerbie plane bombing, the Bosnian war through to Kosovo then three times in Afghanistan.

It wasn’t all wars and disasters – he also covered four general elections travelling with the Tory party as the joker in the pack working for a Labour paper, spent the day with Muhammad Ali at his home in the US, and once joined the “Sweeney” – the met police’s elite flying squad – on a billion-pound gold bullion raid catching the robbers red handed.

Over the years he became British Press Photographer of the Year twice along with single awards for news.

Apart from cooking Roger still takes pictures for the UK papers covering animal welfare stories highlighting the plight of animals in danger.